Your burning questions, answered.

Mar 20, 2023

Thanks to all of you who submitted questions in the chat thread yesterday! As they were coming in, I realized that a lot of them were a little complicated to answer in a post and so I decided that there was no one better to bring in and talk through them than my co-host of our aptly-named It’s Complicated podcast and former federal prosecutor, Renato Mariotti.

Didn’t know I had a podcast? You can check it out anywhere you get your podcasts including, Apple and Spotify, or check out the video version on YouTube.

(Also, quick note: The article I referenced about Trump wanting to appear in person in New York against the advice of his lawyers — surprise! — is this Guardian piece by Hugo Lowell.)

I called this “Part 1” because there will undoubtedly be more discussions like this in the weeks and months to come!

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