Democracy in the (Dis)Information Age

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I know we don’t “officially” have class this week but I wanted to get the ball rolling with some easy lifting! Normally on the first day of class, I go…
Class 11. The Gerasimov DoctrineWatch now (63 min) | Russia (and China) are engaged in warfare that goes beyond conventional, kinetic action. Are we prepared to respond? (SPOILER: No…
Please use the following link to join our guest speaker, Seth Jones, author of Three Dangerous Men: Russia, China, Iran and the Rise of Irregular…
Please use the following link to join today’s office hours from 12-1 p.m. EST: Remember to mute your mic…
Happy Monday! Just a reminder about our office hours this week and other events coming up: Thursday, March 9, 12-1 p.m. EST: Zoom Office Hours I hope…
An overview of the vulnerabilities in our democratic system which weaker adversaries can exploit to their benefit.
Class 9. Case Study: Operation HELPFULWatch now (88 min) | How a CIA information warfare success story from the Cold War offers guidance for us today.
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