Enjoy the long weekend! Thanks for the heads-up on the book club! Now I have six weeks to read! Lol

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Thanks for the heads up!

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Asha, Best wishes for a relaxing holiday weekend Cheers

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Henry was going to eat those guys 🐰 🐇.

On the business side of things, I am definitely looking forward to the lawyer trial. I am willing to bet that if Trump's plan wasn't to throw the lawyers under the bus, it definitely is now.

I feel like they will all end up flipping on him.

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..<><>.. growing up on LINY as You just up the road on thee i 95 corridor..NHCT Ms.Asha ..You realize, must recall.... there is weather thang called an "Indian Summer 🏝️".. as it was described to I.... in my Youth..

Soo mee guessing, there is still plenty of Summer

(Heat) Left in them there Hills.... Ms.Asha! Just..."don't pack Ya sarong an suits"... just Yet @AshaRangnappa ahh just got a news flash the BeachComber his self Jimmy Buffett, passed away at 76 ...hell No ..

Anywhozies enjoy Your LABOR Day weekend

Ms.Asha ...

wAc @CrowBwell9

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